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Thrissur Zoo & Museum


Thrissur Zoo & Museum, started functioning sometime in 1885 is located right at the heart of Thrissur 2km from town, around 13.5 acres of the compound with a variety of fauna like the lion tailed macaque, sloth bear, species of birds and deer. The snake park has a reptilian collection of King Cobras, Cobras, Python, Kraits, Vipers and Rat Snakes. Interestingly there is a public road across the zoo which separates the zoo into two! To reach the rear section, you need to cross an over bridge across the road. Zoo & Museum offers an amazing experience for children and research students. The small Art Museum within the zoo compound is superb example of wood-carvings, metal sculptures, Kathakali figures, ancient jewellery and a wonderful collection of traditional Kerala lamps. It also houses a large number of historic items such as swords, jewellery, rocks, stuffed butterflies, etc.