The Zoo serves as an excellent institution to increase public awareness about nature. Education is therefore an important task ably handled by the Education and Planning section of the Department. Students and teachers from a wide variety of educational institutions take full advantage of the Zoo, Museum and other educational facilities offered. The education and planning section is creative and offers the best education for teachers students and all those interested in Wildlife. Ex-situ and In-situ conservation themes are of special importance in our Zoo education programmes.

1. Educational classes on Conservation

Regular classes are organized for the school/ college students and public. The target groups are given half a day class followed a free visit to the Zoo. Wildlife and its importance, Nature and Wildlife Conservation are the core subjects covered. Film shows and slide shows are also conducted as part of it. If any school/college desire to attend the classes can contact the Education Officer.
2. Other educational programmes

Wildlife Week, World Environment Day, Animal Welfare Fortnight etc, are celebrated every year with various programmes. Competition in Quiz, Elocution, Essay writing, Painting etc. for school/college students are being held as part of it. Prices to the winners are also distributed in valedictory functions. Nature awareness camps, discussion etc. for students are also organized in connection with Wildlife Week celebrations.
Publications of Department of Museums and Zoos
Sales of Museum and Zoo publications including books, catalogs, posters of Raja Ravi Varma paintings, pictures cards of paintings, animals and birds etc. are sold from sale counter functioning at the ticket counter. The publications carry very reasonable prices fixed by the Government.