Publication and Sales

There are 42 number of cards for sales. These cards are of size 12 cm X 17.5 cm.
Rate per card Rs 15/-
List of cards : Sakunthala, Hamsadamayanthi, Milkmaid, Ravana carrying Sita, Draupathy and Simhika, Rama breaks the bow , Judith, Gypsies of South India, Sweet remembrance of one so dear, Flower gatherer, A lady with fan, Parsy lady, Vegetable seller, Harvesting, Art Museum, Budha, Nataraja, Ganesha, Brahma, Sastha, Devi, Vishnu, Kalyana Sundara Moorthy, Durga, Dwara Palaka, Kumba kanya, Venugopalan, Radhakrishna, Mahishasura Mardhini, Welcome to Vasanth, Srikrishna Serenadad, Two birds, Dog, Manali valley, Whither going brother, Homeward bound, Alone, The Bird, Pavement, Bird (Malayatoor Ramakrishnan), Mughal Emperor , Shambaladk

There are 4 number of posters for sale. The posters include 'Hamsadamayanthi- 181 cm X 155 cm', 'Mohini and Rugmangada - 144cm X 188.5cm', 'Milkmaid - 19 cm X 10.5 cm', 'Sakunthala - 208 cm X 135 cm'.

Rate per Poster Rs 200/-

Raja Ravi Varma - A Monograph This book with 82 pages and 44 illustration compiled by E M J Venniyoor
  • Gives a comprehensive account of Raja Ravi Varma and his paintings.
  • This is available in English only. Rate per copy RS 600/-

Booklet (Raja Ravi Varma) This booklet of 16 pages includes a brief account of Raja Ravi Varma and his paintings. This is available in English and Malayalam languages. Rate per copy Rs 30/-

Chithramezhuttu K C S Paniker This book includes 82 pages with a comprehensive account on K C S Paincker and his paintings in malayalam. This was compiled by Kattur Narayana Pillai, former Fine Arts College Principal. Rate per copy Rs 130/-